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 October 2007

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RADIOLOGY FCPS past papers October 2007, mcqs recalls, PRACTICE PAPER FREE DOWNLOAD 1


1-The muscle concerned in unlocking of knee joint is:
Poplitus,Rectus femoris,Plantaris.Soleus
2-Grownup spinoff of notochord is:
Nucleus pulposis,Annulus fibrosis,Vertebre,Vertebral canal
Three-Vertebrae is derived from:
Four-Reminiscence centre is situated in:
Insula,Parietal lobe,Temporal lobe,Frontal lobe
5-Probably the most commom sort of salivary gland tumor is:
Salivary glands,Parotids,Submandibular,Sublingual
6-Distruction of Ant.pituatary gland causes dec.functioning of
Glom.fasiculata,Glom.granulosa,Medulla,Adrenal cortex
7-Least probabilities of renal stones is related to:
Hyperlipidemia,HyperPTH,Hyper vit.D,Infections,Hyperurecimia
Eight-Nerve provide to extensors of arm is provided by:
Lat.twine,Medial twine,Put up twine,Lateral and medial twine
9-Nerve injured in Ant.disloacation of Shoulder joint is:
10-Injury to scaphoid bone causes damage to:
Radial A.Ulnar A.Brachial A,Ant.interosseous A.
11-Widespread web site of fracture at rib is:
Angle,Shaft,Costochondral joint,tubercle
12-Following just isn’t a tumor marker:
PLAP,CEA,bHCG,AFP,Acid Phospatase
13-Commonest histology present in lung tumors is:
Squamous,AdenoCA,Blended,Small CA
14-Sufferers comes with Rt.deviation of tongue,Dec.sense of contact and vibartions,the artery
generally concerned in mind is:
PICA,AICA,Ant.Spinal,Put up.Cerbral,Sup.Cerbral A.
15-Soldier comes with heavy bleeding,the best fluid substitute could be:
Packed RBCs,Crystallines,Colloids,Complete blood for Three days,Complete blood for 18 days
16-Maxillary sinus opens into:
Sup.meatus,Inferior meatus,Center meatus,Nasal septum
17-Affected person having elevated ranges of IgE,most likely affected by:
Bacterial inf,Viral inf,Parasitic inf,Fungal inf.
18-Autospy carried out on the affected person having CRF,most prabable discovering could be:
Hypertrophied PTH gland,Hypertrophied adrenals,Hypertrophied pituatry,Hypertrophied thyroids
19-Excitation of publish.pituatary would trigger:
Sweeting,Stress,Shivering,Starvation pangs
20-Foetal interval begins after which week:
21-Affected person having dec ranges of factorII,VII,IX,X,most probably have:
Dec.antithrombin III,Dec Vit.Okay
22-Younger pt.having,TLC:Three.5/ul,Plts:1lac is affected by:
Iron def.,Folate def.,Vit B12 def.,Aplastic anaemia
23-Nucleus ambigus provides to:
24-Olfactory space is current in:
Ant.perforating materials,Occipital lobe,Inf.temporal gyrus,Parietal lobe
25-Affected person with damage to left eighth cervical section of spinal twine won’t present following signal:
Dec sense of place,vibration under lesion on identical facet,Extensor plantar on left facet,Dec
energy of muscle tissue under the leson on identical facet,Dec sense of ache and temprature under the
lesion on identical facet.
26-Characteristic of Rickets and Osteomalacia is:
Inc.Vit D,Inc.Ca,Inc PTH,Dec.bone density
27-Commonest web site of malignancy in pts affected by nuclear outbreak
28-Virus acts on cells by:
Damaging cell membrane,Damaging nuclear membrane,Invloving protien synthesis
29-Most delicate cells to hypoxia are:
30-Myelin in CNS is fashioned by:
Microglia,Schawan cells,Oligodendrocytes,Astrocytes
31-Characteristic not related to irreversible cell damage is:
Mylein figures,Karyolysis,Karyorrehxis,Mitochondrial shrinkage
32-Ureter isnot constricted at:
Pelvic brim,at PUJ,Psoas muscle,Openning at bladder
33-Widespread relation of ureter is: gonadal vessels and iliac A.,Put gonadal vessels and iliac A.
34-Affected person feels ache after she underwent surgical procedure for fibroids,construction injured could be:
Ureters,Ovaries,Fallopian tubes
35-Least frequent web site for ectopic being pregnant could be at:
Ovaries,Pouch of douglus,Larger omentum,Fallopian tubes,Cervix
36-Gall bladder is provided by:
Cystic A and Left gastrcA.,Cystic A and Left Hepatic,Solely Cystic A.
37-Venous drainage of urinary bladder is into:
Inside Iliac V.,Exterior Iliac V.,Commom Iliac V.,Inside and exterior V.
38-Hypothyroid affected person in on thyroxine,finest marker to watch his thyroid standing is:
T3,T4,TSH,T3 and T4,T3,T4 and TSH ranges
39-Affected person having hyperplastic bone marrow,anaemia,Inc Platelets might be affected by:
Aplastic anaemia,Megaloblastic,Myelofibrosis,Leaukemia
40-Stimulus for Eryrthropoiten secreation is:
41-Erytropoiten is all the time raised in:
Polycythemia vera,Main polycythemia,Sec.polycythemia
42-Following vein could be dilated in portal HTN:
Inf.epigastric,Gonadal,Renal vein,Left colic V.
43-Affected person after gastrectomy is on VitB12,the cells misplaced within the gastrectomy are:
Mucous,parietal,cheif,Goblet cells.
44-Fats tags connected to the partitions of enormous gut are often known as:
Taenia coli,Hausstral folds,Appendeces epiplocea
45-Bile salts are reabsorbed from the:
46-Following is an autosomal illness is:
Cystic fibrosis,Hereditary spherocytosis,Thalasemia,Sickle cell anaemia
47-Kind of defect in Heredetary spherocytosis is:
Enzymatic defect,Structural defect
48-Affected person with jaundice,anaemia,excessive reticulocyte depend is having:
Folate def.,Iron def.,VitB12 def.,Hemolytic anaemia
49-Ejaculatory duct opens into:
Ureter,Ureteric crest,Bladder,Prostatic urethera
50-Terminal a part of CBD in relation to pancrease is:
Embeded into pancrease,lie posteriorly,lie anteriorly
51-Following would ause large infarction and destruction resulting in affected person loss of life:
Thrombus,Embolus,Fatty thrombus,Thromboembolism
52-22yrs feminine pt.with 13th week of being pregnant after having crush fractures in RSA dies after Three
days,most probably reason for loss of life is:
Amniotic fluid embolism,Air embolism,Fats embolism
53-Affected person with previous historical past of adenoCA of colonis operated for polypectomy,on histologic analysis
pathologist labelled it as benign development with no probabilities into malignant transformation,it could be:
FAP,Villous adenoma,Tubular adenoma,Tubulovillous,Metaplastic polyp
54-Tyrosine derivateve doesnt embrace:
TSH,Adrenaline,Nor adrnaline,Prolactin,Dopamine
55-Precursor of steriod hormone is:
Progesterone,Pregnenolone,Ldl cholesterol
56-Capsule of liver in often known as:
57-Commonest web site of thyroglossal cyst is:
58-Losing of thenar eminence,lack of sensation over thumb and index finger,nerve concerned is:
59-The bottom of urinary bladder is made by:
Put up floor,Ant floor,Inferolateral,Superior floor
60-Shock with out having vasodilation is probably going related to:
Burns,Gram constructive inf,Gram unfavorable inf.,Superantigen an infection
61-Following doesnt type the layer of inguinal canal:
Exterior indirect,inside indirect,transversus,rectus abdominus.
62-Femoral sheath is fashioned by:
Fascia transversalis,Fasica trans.and Fasica iliaca,Exterior indirect,Inside indirect
63-Affected person with bone pains having regular Ca,inc Alk.phosp.most probably affected by:
Pagets,HyperPTH,Hyper VitD,Bone mets,Osteomalacia
64-Exterior spermatic fasica is fashioned by:
Exterior indirect,Inside indirect,Cremastric muscle,Transversus muslce
65-In Turner syndrome,the genotype could be:
66-Organ having least probabilities of infarction:
Lungs,Coronary heart,Kidneys,Liver,Spleen
67-Kind of necrosis in mind infarction:
68-Pt.with cervical lymphadenopaty,+ve AFB sputum,signal to search for TB on microscopy is:
Persistent irritation.caseous necrosis,lymphocyctic infiltartion
69-Thyroid gland strikes with swallowing as a result of it’s enclosed in:
Pretracheal fasica,Investing fasica,Vertebral fascia,Carotid fascia
70-Neurovascular bundle in chest wall lies between:
Exterior and Inside intercostal mucles,Internaland Innermost layers,Innermost and enothoracic
fasica,Beneath Endothoracic fascia
71-Fibrous pericardium and medicatinal pleura is provided by:
Vagus N.,Intercostal N.,Phrenic N.,Autonomic N.
72-Man is affected by testicular ca,the lympahtic drainage of testicle is into:
Para aortic L.nodes,Pre aortic,Superficial inguinal,Inside iliac,Exterior iliac L.nodes
73-In train,the venous blood returns to the center by:
Muscle pump in calves
74-Circulation in coronary heart is maintained by:
Symphthatic sys,Parasymphthetic sys,Native mechanism
75-Fisherman is offered with gingival bleeding and ecchymosis,he’s affected by:
Folate def.,Iron def.,Vit B12 def.,Vit C def.
76-Facor affecting collagen synthesis throughout therapeutic is:
Infections,Vit C,Foriegn physique
77-Mesothelioma is related to:
Vinyl chloride,Silica,Asbestos,Copper mud,Carbon
78-Baby having meckels diverticulum is having bleeding per rectum,it is because of:
Volvulus,Interssusption,Ectopic gastric tissue
79-Throughout lactation,Amenorrhea is because of:
Inhibition of LH and FSH through Prolactin,Dec.prolactin,Dec oestrogen
80-Presence of pancratic tissue in gastric mucosa is termed as:
81-Most important distinction between major and secondary intention wound therapeutic is:
Granulation tissue,Wound contraction,Inflammatory cells
82-Baby with sore throat after Three weeks developed oedema,haemturia,trigger could be:
Minimal change illness.publish streptococcal GN,IgA nephropathy,Focal segmental GS.
83-Microscopic characteristic of polyarterites nodusa is:
Granuloma,Fibrinoid necrosis
84-Angiotension II exerts its results by activating:
Renin,Angiotension I,Aldosterone,ANF
85-Tumor compressing optic chiasma would trigger:
Binasal haemianopia,Bilateral haemianopia,Bitemporal haemianopia,Full blindness
86-Progress hormone is maximally rasies in:

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