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October 2007

Notice: Some questions are incomplete are lacking. So please be affected person as we’ll replace after we discover full questionnaire. In case you have full questions please share with us. Thanks.

 Q.1 Paracetamol…..

a) will increase PT
b) its overdose causes Nephrotoxicity
c) is a poor anti-inflamatory
d) is extra stronger than codeine
e) causes met-Hb.emia extra often than Phanacetin

Q.2 ATN is related to…

a) Hyperkalemia
b) conc. urine in preliminary phases
c) improve in s.urea however regular s.creatinnine

Q.three Congenital cataract is related to

a) chiken pox
b) chromosomal abnormality
c) small pox
d) Rubella

Q.four MS is characterised by…

a) Lewy our bodies
b) Patchy demylination & white fiber gliosis
c) axonal neuropathy

Q.5 All the following have skill of phagocytosis EXCEPT

a) Microgila
b) Lymphocytes
c) Kuffer cells
d) Neutrophils

Q.6 Pulmonary Arterial stress will increase with..

a) Important HPTN
b) Sympthatic stimulation
c) Nitroglycerine
d) Excercise
e) Hypoxia

Q.7 in an Asthamtic feminine,immeditae therapy of HPTN throughout intra-operative HPTN, is
a) sublingual glycerine trinitate
b) intra.venous nitroglycerine
c) propranalol

Q.Eight Throughout giving native anaestheia, the lengthy needle goes far into larger palatine canal,inflicting anaesthesia of an autonomic ganglion,consequently together with dryness of nasal mucosa additionally happens

a) decreased secretions of Parotid
b) decreased secretion of Submandibular & sublingual glands

Q.9 Tissue which has in-ability to switch lifeless cells

a) Coronary heart
b) Kidney
c) Liver
d) Bone
e) Bowl Mucosa

Q.10 Non-essential amino acid consists of

a) Leucine
b) Iso-leucine
c) Methionine
d) Tyrosine

Q.11 Metabolic Alkalosis is caued by
a) Continual Hypoventilation
b) Pancreatic Fistula
c) hyperglycemia
d) ATN

Q.12 Glucronide conjugation of medicine
a) causes inactivation of drug
b) is Kind 1 response
c) makes drug insoluble in water
d) will increase its results

Q.13 A affected person having generalized physique weak point & numbness,
on investigation he’s having Un-conjugated Bilirubinemia,
Hb= 7.four md/dl MCV..> 120 fl,
the anemia is because of ….
a) Hemolysis
b) Vit B 9 def.
c) Vit B 12 def.
d) Hypersplenisim

Q.14 Tissue with Twin autonomic provide however not reciprocal suuply is
a) Pores and skin
b) Blood vessels
c) Pupil
d) Salivary glands
e) Ciliary muscle

Q.15 Reason behind joint ache in Deep sea divers
a) arterial embolism
b) venous embolism
c) DIC
d) thromboembolism

Q.16 In summer season,in a fasting man the reason for concenterated urine is
a) Pores and skin
b) Blood vessels
c) Pupil
d) Salivary glands
e) Ciliary muscle

Q.15 Reason behind joint ache in Deep sea divers
a) arterial embolism
b) venous embolism
c) DIC
d) thromboembolism

Q.16 In summer season,in a fasting man the reason for concenterated urine is
a) ADH
b) No Oral consumption
c) Aldosterone
d) elevated sweeting

Q.17 A 35 yr previous man is having bilateral ptosis of eye throughout night since previous few weeks,the confirmatory take a look at of the analysis can be
a) Tensilon Take a look at
b) Ach Receptor Antibody Take a look at
c) blood tradition
d) CT scan Mind

Q.18 if a Excessive Dextrose water is infusion given to an individual,it inhibits
a) Cotisol
b) ADH
c) Aldosterone
d) Insulin

Q.19 Parasympthatic provide of Sigmoid Colon is
a) Sacral segments S2,S3,S4
b) Pelvic splanchnic Nerves
c) vagus nerve

Q.20 which doesn’t participate in inflamatory reactions
a) Adrenaline
b) Histamine
c) 5-hydroxy tryptamine
d) Dopamine

Q. 21 Parietal & Visceral Pericardium is provided by
a) Phrenic Nerve
b) Sympthatic Nerves
c) Vagus neve
d) Cardiac Plexus

Q.22 A younger man had sinjury to the neck with sum sharp object,three yrs in the past,
Now he notices a bulging swelling above the clavicle on sneezing & coughing,
this swelling most likely attributable to…
a) Damage to deep fascia of neck
b) demage to supra-pleural membrane
c) Un-united first Rib Fracture

Q.23 Center meningeal artery if ruptured whereas meinges are intact,the Haemorrhage can be
a) Epidural
b) Subdural
c) Intracranial

Q.24 Dorsal Rami of the cervical nerves innervates
a) Abductor Pollices
b) Extensors of Limbs
c) Extensors of Trunk
d) Stabilizers of Shoulder

Q.25 Muscle mass of Hand provided by
a) ventral rami of C-Eight
b) Ventral branches of T-1
c) Median Nerve
d) Ulnar Nerve
e) Radial Nerve

Q.26 An individual has sharp knife harm to higher medial side of arm,
after which He’s unable to Flex his elbow & having lack of cutaneous sensations on lateral side of forearm,
the nerve injured is
a) Median Nerve
b) Axillary nerve
c) Radial Nerve
d) Musculocutaneous Nerve

Q. 27 A Transplant from similar twin is
a) Allograft
b) Heterograft
c) Homograft
d) Isograft
e) Xenograft

Q.28 Therapeutic Index of a drug signifies its
a) Effectivity
b) Efficacy
c) Efficiency
d) Toxicity

Q.29 Pharmakokinetic interplay amongst medicine is examplified by :
a) Shortening of motion of Procaine by Adrenaline
b) improve peripheral toxicity of Levodopa with Carbidopa
c) improve toxicity of Methotrexate by Aspirin
d) prevention of Nitroglycerine induced tachycardia by Propranolol
e) blokade of acetylcholine receptors by atropine

Q.30 A 30 years previous 75 kg Diabetic man with current analysis of Hypertension,
On ECG : Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
s.Urea — 20 mg/dl s.Creatinine — zero.7 mg/dl
s.Uric Acid– 7.5 mg/dl s.Na — 140 mmol
s. Ok– 2.5 mmol s.Cl — 103 mmol
s.HCO3 — 23 mg/dl 24 Hr Urinary Proteins– 30
& Fasting BSL— 80 mg/dl
The trigger is…….
a) Important HPTN
b) Diabetic Nephropathy
c) Pheochromocytoma
d) Addison Illness
e) Major HyperAldosteronism

Q.31 Acute Tubular Necrosis is characterised by
a) Hyper-kalemia
b) Initially concenterated urine
c) Metabolic Alkalosis
d) s.Urea is elevated & s.creatinine is regular

Q.32 GFR is measured by clearance of
a) Inulin
b) Creatinine
c) Urea
d) Glucose

Q.33 Sarcoidosis is identified microscopically by
a) Granuloma with Asteroid
b) Non-caseating Granuloma
c) Caseating Granuloma
d) Macrophages & Big cells

Q.34 Multipule sclerosis is characterised by…
a) Lewy Our bodies in Neucleus
b) Ptachy demylination with white fiber gliosis
c) Axonal degeneration

Q.35 What’s INAPPROPRIATE about Vagus Nerve..
a) its longest Cranial Nerve
b) passes in between IJV & ICA
c) passes posterior to Carotid Sheath
d) Provides Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve
e) provides Superior Laryngeal Nerve

Q.36 Thymus is
a) Wealthy in Lymphocytes
b) Current at delivery however shorly regree after delivery
c) derived from 4th Pahryngeal Pouch
d) is part of Thyroid
e) Lies posterior to Trachea

Q.37 True assertion about Down Syndrom is
a) Trisomy 23
b) comprises single X chromosome
c) extra probabilities with growing maternal age

Q.38 Kleinifilter syndrome
a) comprises single X chromosome
b) much less probabilities of Psychological retardation
c) phenotypically feminine

Q.39 Following is Autosomal Dominant Dysfunction
a) Phenylketonuria
b) Hereditary Spherocytosis
c) Hemophilia A
d) Cystic Fibrosa

Q.40 At 35 weeks of Gestation,in pattern taken from amniocentesis,
there’s elevated Alpha-Fetoprotein,its most possible trigger is..
a) Down syndrome
b) Turner syndrome
c) Spina Cystica
d) Hydrocephalous

Q.41 Thoracic Duct….
a) recieves Lymph from each proper & left sides
b) lies in posterior mediastinum
c) passes good to the thoracic aorta
d) extends from higher abdoment to neck
e) has a dilatation known as Cisterna

Q.42 Charge of passage of meals in esophagus relies upon upon
a) Gravitational Power
b) Neuromuscular excitation completely different @ higher & decrease oesophagus
c) progressive peristalsis in esophagus
d) Acidity

Q.43 @ Leprotomy Retroperitoneal Abscess was discovered,the positioning woud be
a) Abdomen
b) Sigmoid Colon
c) Transverse Colon
d) Ascending Colon
e) Small gut

Q.44 Supply of Estrogen & Progesterone in final trimester is
a) Chorionic Villus
b) Placenta
c) Overy
d) Adenohypophysis
e) Corpus Leuteum

Q.45 A affected person having Facial deviation together with lack of sensations on anterior 2/three rd of tongue,the leision lies in
a) Facial Canal
b) Inner auditary meatus
c) Facial Nerve Nucleus
d) Stylomastoid Foramen

Q.46 All are the branches of Vagus nerve EXCEPT
a) Auricular
b) Lacrimal
d) Recurrent Laryngeal

Q.47 Following nerve lies within the Cavernous Sinus
a) Opthalmic
b) Occulomotor
c) Abducent
d) Trigeminal

Q.48 In a Pituitary Adenoma,the Bitemporal Hemianopia happens attributable to leison of
a) Central a part of Optic chiasma
b) Optic Nerve
c) Optic Tract
d) peripheral A part of Optic chiasma
e) Lateral Geniculate physique

Q.49 Muscle of Compelled Expiration is
a) Inner Intercostal
b) Exterior Intercostal
c) Sternoceidomastoid
d) Scalenus Anterior
e) Scalenus Medius

Q.50 Na Retension is related to
a) Dehydration
b) improve ADH
c) Decreased Aldosterone
d) Coronary heart Failure
e) Hyperthyroidism

Q.51 Von-Willebrand Illness is
a) Autosomal Dominant
b) Autosomal Recessive
c) in some relations asoociated with Issue IX deficiency
d) in some relations related to regular Issue IX

Q.51 A male wd A+ (Ao,DD) Blood group, married to a feminine having
B+ (Bo,Dd ) blood group,kids can have all blood gp EXCEPT
a) AB +ve
b) AB -ve
c) A + ve
d) B +ve
e) O -ve

Q.52 Important Capability
a) measured immediately by Spirometry
b) is decreased in some Lung illnesses
c) is the sum of Tidal Quantity+ERV+IRV

Q.53 When a department of Pulmonary Artery is blocked by embolus,following Lung operate will increase
a) Alveolar Co2
b) Alveolar O2
c) Pulmonary artery O2
d) Pulmonry artery Co2
e) Air flow Perfusion

Q.54 Distinction between Adenoma & Hyperplasia is
a) improve in measurement of cell
b) improve in No. of cells
c) Capsule
Q.55 In a CLD affected person presenting with Haematemesis,the popular rapid therapy is
a) Octeriotide
b) Vit Ok
c) shaped Platelet Conc.
d) PPI
e)complete blood
Q.56 Amongst most vital preliminary steps in apoptosis
a) Activation of Bcl-2 Receptors
b) Activation of Caspases
c) Water inflow into the cell
Q.57 After a trauma, an individual has lack of ability to face from sitting place,
the nerve demaged is
a) Infragluteal
b) Supragluteal
c) Schiatic
d) Femoral
e) Obturator

Q.58 About Ok – Regulation , following is right
a) Ok is 98% within the cells
b) usually utterly reabsorbed in Distal tubule
c) improve water impacts Ok-balance
d) lower in D.Ok

Q.59 A person with persistant matches with out regaining consciousness for 30 minutes,
the rapid therapy is with
a) Carbamazepine
b) Valporate
c) Lorazepan
d) …….
Q.60 An unconsious man with pin-point pupils not responding to Naloxone,the possible trigger is
a) Heroin
b) Hasheesh
c) Morphine
d) Phenobarbitone

Q.61 Abdomen will get its arterial provide from all EXCEPT
a) Ceiliac artery
b) Splenic Artery
c) Superior Mesenteric Artery
d) Hepatic Artery

Q.62 The Hormone which stimulates launch of HCO3 from Pancreas with out stimulating pancreatic enzyme secretions,is
a) CCK
b) Secretin
c) Gastrin
d) Pepsin
e) Mucin

Q.63 Supra-Renal Gland arterial provide
a) recieves all braches immediately from Aorta
b) recieves blood from three sources
c) recieves branches from each renal arteries
d) recieves blood from inferior phrenic artery

Q.64 Stenson’s duct
a) arises from posterior floor of Parotid
b) pierces the Buccinator muscle
c) opens within the oral cavity towards ….

Q.65 Which an infection just isn’t brought on by DNA virus
a) Hen Pox
b) Herpes Simplex
c) Herpes Zoster
d) Mumps
e) Small Pox

Q.66 On examination of a feminine,a plaque like leision seen on Postero-superior side of Vagina,it’s
a) Squamous Cell CA
b) Adenocarcinoma
c) Rhabdomyosarcoma
d) wart

Q.67 About CSF most acceptable assertion is
a) it’s ultrafilterate of Plasma
b) has extra glucose than blood
c) has cushioing impact
d) absorbed in Choroid Plexus

Q.68 On standing from a sitting place,@ apex of lung there’s improve in
a) Blood Movement
b) Air flow
c) pO2
d) pCO2

Q.69 Metastatic Calcification happens largely in
a) Kidney
b) Bone
c) Lung
d) Gut
e) Pancreas

Q.70 Basal Cell Carcinoma includes
a) Buccal Mucosa
b) Arduous Palate
c) Comfortable Palate
d) Decrease Lip
e) Oral Cavity

Q.71 A feminine underwent Gastrectomy for Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome,given Parenteral Vit B-12,
the lack to soak up B-12 is because of lack of…
a) Parietal Cells
b) Gastric Cells
c) Cardiac Ceells

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