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Laparoscopic Instruments Appendectomy (four) Splenectomy
Cholecystectomy (1) Retrocaecal appendicectomy Laparoscopic fundoplication
Cholecystectomy (2) Repair of Ventral Hernia Oesophagectomy
Cholecystectomy (3) Repair of Ventral Hernia Pancreatic Necrectomy
Choledocolithotomy Inguinal Hernia repair Left lung Lobectomy
Choledocojejunostomy Extra peritoneal Hernia repair Bronchogenic cyst removal
Appendectomy (1) Hiatal hernia repair Sympathectomy
Appendectomy (2) Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis Laparoscopic pelvic surgery
Appendectomy (three) Hemorrhoidectomy Develop your skill

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