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Half 1 Gynecology and Obstetric

July 2007

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Gynecology and Obstetrics part 1 download free

Questions recalled by Dr Samra

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1. Eversion of cervix throughout being pregnant happen in response to:
a) Estrogen
b) Physiological change
c) Ca Cervix
d) Gonadotropins
e) Cervicitis

2. If Carcinoma entails nipple of breast which lymph nodes r seemingly
to contain first?
a) Pectoral
b) Apical
c) Central
d) inernal mammary

three. A Pt. got here in OPD With enlarged Ant.Axillary lymph nodes and diagonosed a case of Ca Breast , which area is probably concerned?
a) Higher Outer Quadrant
b) Decrease Internal Quadrant

four. Kind of similar query as # three. reapeated once more

5. A pt got here to you with main amenorrhoea,webbed neck,brief stature identified as Turner syndrome, wht is her karyotype?
a) 45XO
b) 46XY
c) 47XXY

6. A standard trying Lady got here to you with main amenorrhea,on examination she was having brief blind vagina wid regular vulva, scanty pubic n axillary hairs,regular breasts,absent uterus,her karyotype is?
a) 46XY
b) 47XY
c) 47XXY

7. Wht is the easiest way to detect actual gestational age of fetus?
a) CRL at eight wk.
b) Femur size at 28th wk.
c) Biparietal diameter at 18th wk.
d) Stomach circumference at…..

eight.Sperms life span in feminine genital tract is ?
a) 24 to 48 hrs
b) 24 to 72 hrs

9. Spermatogenesis is managed by?
a) Testosterone
b) FSH+ Testosterone
c) LH
d) Estrogen

10. Virtually similar as above

11. In drug receptor relations which one is inaccurate?
a) Bradycardia — Propranolol
b) Miosis — Pilocarpine
c) Skeletal Muscle Paralysis — Tubocurarine
d) Bronchodilation — Salbutamol

12. Which considered one of them don’t move by means of Lesser Sciatic Foramen?
a)Tendon of obturator internus.
b)Pudendal Nerve
c)Inside Pudendal Vessels
d)sup. & inf. gluteal vessels

13. In a bike accident neck of fibula fractured and result in a lack of dorsiflexion n eversion of foot,which nerve is prone to b broken?
a)Widespread Peroneal
b)Deep peroneal
c)Superficial Peroneal

14. Wht is probably to b true about pudendal nerve?
a) Enter the ischiorectal fossa via its lateral wall
b) Go away the pelvis via higher a part of larger schiatic notch
c) Re enter the pelvis via lesser schiatic notch

15. If perineal physique is lower which muscle prone to b broken?
a) Bulbospongiosus + superficial Transverse Perieal
b) Deep + Superficial Transverse Perineal

16.Ureter is discovered at :
a) the bifurcation of widespread iliac artery
b) pelvic brim

17. If ovaries are eliminated frm ovarian fossa, wht is probably to b broken?
a) Inside iliac
b) uterine artery
c)Ovarian artery
d) Exterior iliac artery

18. To succeed in the uterus, uterine artery crosses the:
b)Fallopian Tube
c)Ligament of ovary

19. If Ca.Cervix metastasize to Labia majora which considered one of these is probably liable for unfold?
a) Spherical lig. Of uterus
b) pubocervical ligament
c) pectineal ligament

20)which construction don’t take part in forming the partitions of inguinal canal?
a) Transversalis fascia
b) Inside Indirect
c) Exterior Indirect
d) Conjoint tendon
e) Lacunar ligament

21) If after 1 hr of ceaserian part pt begin b bleeding internally which one is probably broken?
a) Uterine artery
b) Inside iliac a.
c) Ovarian artery
d) uterine vein

22) If on mendacity down pt turned dyspnoec wht is the trigger?
a) Retrosternal goiter
b) Multinodular goiter

23) If a girls at 10th week being pregnant hav Hb 12;Hct 25 Normocytic Normochromic movie however at 32 wk being pregnant her Hb is 10.9 ; Hct 20 with similar peripheral movie wht is the trigger?
a) Physiological change
b) Iron deficiency
c) Folate Deficiency
d) Vit B12 deficiency

24) Ovaries are connected to broad ligament by?
a) Mesoovarium
b) Mesosalpinx
c) suspensory ligament

25) In females Neck of bladder ends :
a) above the urogenital diaphragm
b) under the urogenital diaphragm

26) Commonest reason for hosp. acquired an infection is?
a) Indwelling catheters
b) I/V traces

27) Which methodology is used 2 kill spores of surgical devices?
a)dry warmth at 160c for 1 hr
b)dry warmth at 160 c for four hr
c)moist warmth at 160c for1hr
d)Gension violet for four hrs

28) Which one isn’t used as insecticidal?
a) Derivatives of salicylic acid
b) Phenol
c) Sodium hypochlorite
d) Cleaning soap

29) Commonest reason for subacute bacterial endocarditis is:
a) sterpt viridans
b) sterpt epidermidis
c) staph aureus

30) Meals poisoning trigger by staph. Is especially on account of:
a) exotoxin
b) endotoxin
c) enterotoxin

31) Now a days the easiest way to diagnose viral an infection is:
b) by detecting virus from secretion or wound
c) immunofloresence

32) If pt hav persistent pyuria all could be the trigger besides:
a) polycystic kidney illness
b) lengthy standing alkaline urine at room temperature
c) Submit Streptoccocus glomerulonephritis

33) wht is the least optimistic worth for widal to diagnose typhoid?
a) 1:80
b) 1:120

34) Two days earlier than ovulation LH surge rises to
a) 1 to five fold
b) four to six fold
c) 6 to 10 fold

35) villous surrounded by cyto n syncitiotrophoblast is:
a) Main villous
b) secondary villous
c) tertiary villous

36)Following isn’t a confirmed reason for hirsuitism?
a) Androgen
b) PCOs
c) steven leventhal sundrome

37) CO2 is transported frm blood to alveoli by :
a) Facilitated diffusion
b) Lively transport
c) Diffusion

38) Lively transport differs frm Passive on account of:
a) depend upon osmosis
b) require carriers however no vitality
c) requires vitality however no carriers
d) require vitality by phosphate anhydride bond

39) Imply Arterial stress is
a) distinction b/w systolic and diastolic stress
b) Diastolic + 1/three pulse stress

40) Columnar epithelium is present in:
a) uterine tubes
b) Thymus
c) ovaries

41) Overweight are vulnerable to all besides:
a) Hyepertension
b) Diabetes
c) Thyrotoxicosis
d) IHD

42) Following will result in Respiratory Acidosis?
a) emphysema?
b) heavy consumption of NaHCO3
c) Vomiting

43) Hormone which causes a rise carbohydrate protein and lipid shops is?
a) GH
b) insulin
c) cortisol
d) Aldosterone
e) thyroxine

44) similar query

45) insulin secretion is inhibited by:
a) glucagon
b) secretin

46) Acellular layer surrounding an ovum is :
a) Zona pellucida
b)Granulosa layer
c) Theca interna
d) Corona radiate

47) Primordial germ cells arises frm:
a) Yolk sac

48) Highest vitality containing compound is:
a) Starch
b) Glucose
c)Hexose phosphate
d) ATP

49) Which comprise excessive triglyceride?
a) Chylomicron remnants
b) LDL
d) HDL
e) IDL

50) Which isn’t a phospholipid?
a) Lecithin
b) ISolecithin
c) Cephalin
d) Plasmalogen

51)Low PO2 Stimulate respiratory centre via:
a) Immediately performing on medulla
b) stimulating peripheral chemoreceptor
c) performing on central chemoreceptor

52) If Rh -ve mom ship an O +ve fetus wht is the easiest way to guard subsequent pregnancies?
a) Immunoglobulin

53) wht is the landmark for biscop scoring:
a) Ishial Backbone
b) Ishial Tuberosity

54) In a girls of craniopharyngioma wht is the very best opetion to induce ovulation?
a) Clomiphen citrate
b) Menopausal Gonadotropins

55) In case you give L Dopa to the pt of Parkinsonism which hormone will lower?
a) Prolactin
c) Testosterone

56) Which hormone convert to its lively kind at goal tissue with the assistance of 5 α reductase?
a) Testosterone
b) Estrogen

57) Pt got here to you with eosinopenia,polycythemia,lymphocytopenia and raised ACTH stage,wht is probably?
a) Cushing illness
b) Cushing Syndrome
c) Addisons illness

58)Wht change won’t seen in a girls having inc. cortsiol stage?
a) Hypotension
b) Moon face
c) Buffalo Torso
d) Skinny pores and skin
e) Hirsuitism

59) Principal help of uterus is:
a) Cardinal ligament

60) Rational for storage of platelet at room temp. is :
a) Optimize the platelet perform
b) platelet quantity don’t dec.

61) Ladies delivered to you in ER in shock who had a 10 pint transfusion 10 yrs again on account of PPH is probably having:
a) Sheehan syndrome

62) Therapeutic index point out:
a) Bioavailability
b) Efficacy

63) If after 15 days of c-section on account of Obstructed Labour pt. developed Urinary incontinence,wht is the probably trigger?
a) Vesicovaginal Fistula
b) Vesicouterine Fistula

64) Which one is the supporting ligament of uterus tht is palpable on Per-rectal examination?
a) Uterosacral ligament

65) If 35 yr outdated girls developed Generalized Lymhadenopathy wht is the probably trigger:
a) Hodgkin Lymphoma
b) Nonhodgkin lymphoma
c) Malignant illness
d) CML
e) ALL

66) If girls accidently uncovered to radiation three to four yrs again which organ is probably effected?
a) Cervix
b) Fallopian tube
c) Ovaries
d) Vagina

67) Wht is the very best methodology to examine bone density?
a) CT scan backbone
b) MRI backbone
c) Calcium Degree
d) D scan of backbone

68) Which drug don’t trigger gynaecomasia?
a) Digoxin
b) Griseofulvin
c) Cimetidine
d) Androgen
e) Estrogen

69) Pt developed Morning stiffness,Photosensitivity,rash which take a look at might be optimistic?
a) RA
b) ANA
b) antimitochondrial

70) Wht is the tip product of glucose breakdown ?
a) Galactose
b) Lactose
c) Fructose
d) Pyruvate

71) In a pre eclamptic pt which drug is used to decrease BP earlier than surgical procedure?
a) Hydralazine
b) Amlodipine

72) Amniotic fluid embolism is said to:
a) DIC

73) Which hormone is important for mind improvement of fetus?
a) GH
b) Thyroid
c) Cortisol

74) If α feto protein is excessive wht is probably?
a) Anencephaly
b) Spina bifida Occulta
c) Down syndrome

75) T3 , T4 raised in being pregnant on account of:
a) Inc TBG
b) Inc TSH
c) Inc TRH

76) Which one isn’t a tumor marker?
a) HCG
b) CEA
c) α fetoprotein
d) Placental Acid phosphatase(PLAP)
e) Alkaline Phosphatase

77) Hysterosalpingography is extra correct than MRI in:
a) Adenomyosis
b) blocked tubes

78) TORCH can result in all EXCEPT:
a) Pnuemonia
b) Cataract
c) Deafness
d) Cardiac anomalies
e) Blindness

79) DNA is:
a) Double stranded during which two strands are antiparallel to one another
b) all different incorrect

80) Which antithyroid drug is given throughout Being pregnant?
a) Propylthiouracil

81) Tx of raised sugar in being pregnant is :
a) Insulin
b) Sulfonylurea

82) Menopause is identified by:
a)Raised FSH,Raised LH,dec Estrogen
b)dec FSH n LH

83) Tuboovarian abcess brought on by IUCDs…wht is the probably causative agent?
a) Actinomycosis
b) Streptococcus

84) Which element is low in Cow`s milk as in comparison with mom`s milk?
a) Lactose
b) Fats
c) Calcium
d) Protein

85) Extra of Aldosterone will trigger:
a) Hypokalemia
b) Hyperkalemia

86) Which methodology is most helpful in figuring out chromosomal abnormalities?
a) Karyotyping
b) U/S
c) Bar our bodies

87) DIC is said to all EXCEPT:
a) Most cancers
b) Amniotic fluid embolism
c) Sepsis
d) RPOCs
e) reply

88) In C-section insicion is given in subcutaneous fats suprapubically will prone to harm?
a) Superior mesenteric artery
b) Deep Circumflex iliac artery
c) Superior epigastric artery
d) inferior epigastric artery
e) Perforating arteries

89) Insulin enhance absorbtion of glucose in?
a) Hepatocytes
b) Mucosa of small gut
c) Renal tubular cells

90) Glucose is absorbed in renal tubules by means of:
a) Secondary Lively transport
b) Facilitated diffusion
c) Diffusion

91) A pregnant girls is on Phenytoin,wht is the least seemingly complication in fetus?
a) Bone deformity
b) Psychological retardation
c) Cleft palate

92) Anticoagulants are indicated in all EXCEPT:
a) Thrombocytopenia
b) Cerebral infarction
c) Delay mattress relaxation
d) DVT

93) A mom introduced her eight yr outdated daughter in OPD with complain of vaginal bleeding,she was taller acc. To her age with nicely developed breasts.she was in any other case regular,wht is the trigger:
a) Ovarian tumor
b) Hyperpituitrism
c) Hypothalamic dysfunction

94) Principal perform of Extracellular fluid is:
a) Transport electrolyte
b) Take away waste merchandise
c) Present vitamin

95) Which investigation is least seemingly carried out in a suspected case of DIC?
a) Clotting time
b) FDP
c) D-Dimer
d) Platelet rely
e) PT

96) Which drug isn’t utilized in Dysmenorrhea?
a) Ibuprofen
b) Mefenamic acid
c) Aspirin
d) COX inhibitor 

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