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Half 1 Gynecology and Obstetric

July 2007

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Courtesy Dr Rabeeka khan

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1)which hormone is resposible four storage of carbohydrate,fat,protein in physique?
b)development hor

2)which hormone is accountable four storage of fats CHO n protein in physique n referred to as hormone of abundance?
c)grwoth hormone

three)which hormone is required four mind improvement of fetous throughout intranatal life?
a)development horm
and so forth

four)tubo ovarian abcess in a lady utilizing iucd is caued by?
and so forth

5)which part is low in cow milk as examine 2 mothr milk?

6)amongst following which isn’t antiseptic?
a)cleaning soap
b)salicylic acid
c)sodium hypochlorite

7)four tx of eclampsia which drug is used?
and so forth

eight)which technique is used 2 kill spore?
a)dry warmth at 160c for 1 hr
b)dry warmth at 160 c for four hr
c)moist warmth at 160c for1hr

9)extra of aldosteron will trigger?
and so forth

10)construction of 2ndry villus unclude?
a)mesoderm cytotrophoblast syncytium
b)capillaries cytotrophoblast syncytium
and so forth

11)a 45 yrs previous woman is publish menopausal from final 9 months,which is most certainly 2 present onset of menopause?
a)anovulatory cycle
b)atrophic uterus
and so forth

12)spermatogenesis is supported by?
a)FSH n testosteron
and so forth

13)germinal epithelium of ovary include?
a)cuboidal epithelium
and so forth

14)columnar epithelium line which construction?
b)choroid plexus
c)uterine tubes

15)which technique is most useful in figuring out chromosomal abnormalities?
and so forth

16)a normallooking feminine cam four main amenorrhea on examination she was having brief blind vagina wid regular vulva n scanty hair,her wt n ht for age had been regular bt absence of uterus,she was othrwise a traditional lookinggirl karyotype was xy
and so forth

17)DIC is expounded 2 the entire following besides?
a)amniotic fluid embolism
b)most cancers
c)gram-ve sepsis
d)retained useless fetus
e)and so forth(reply)

18)a ladies introduced 2 hospital after having tough supply at house wid bleeding diathesis
wat is the trigger
and so forth and so forth

19)which of the next is leat probably 2 b effected by actinomycosis
c)oral cavity

19)which isn’t the manifestation of kid born wid toxoplasma an infection?
c)psychological retardation
and so forth

20)a lady having morning stiffness of hand n pericardial effusion which lab discovering woud assist in dx?
a)anti nuclear DNA
c)rheumatic issue
and so forth

21)which construction cross thro inguinal canal from uterus 2 labium majus in feminine?
a)spherical ligament
b)broad ligament
and so forth

22)which ligament can b palpated on per rectal examination?
b)broad ligament
c)spherical ligament
and so forth

23)foremost help of uterus?
a)broad ligament
b)transverse cervical ligament
and so forth

24)an incision given supra pubically in a feminine for LSCS would injury which artery?
a)superior epigastric
b)inferior epigastric
and so forth

25)ovary is connected 2 again of braod ligament by?
and so forth and so forth

26)which sturcture doesn’t type partitions of inguinal canal?
b)exterior indirect apenerosis
and so forth

27)insulin assist in absorption of glucose by?
a)musoca of small gut
b)renal tubules
and so forth

28)glucose is absorbed in renal tubules thro?
a)2ndry energetic transport
b)facilitated diffusion
and so forth

29)after lscs(csection) a lady is bleeding intaperitonealy which artery can b broken?
c)inside iliac
and so forth

30)which organism require selective media four its prognosis?
a)vibrio cholera
b)e coli
c)campylo bacter
and so forth

31)a pregnant girl on phenytoin, which is the least probably complication?
a)bone deformity
b)psychological retardation
c)cleft palate

32)anticoagulant are contraindicated in pt wid?
and so forth and so forth

33)a pt exhibiting eosiniphilia,lymphoctytopenia polycythemia his blood ranges present enhance ACTH stage which of following is the trigger?
a)cushing syndrome
b)sudhing illness
c)addisons illness
and so forth

34)ca breast will impact which of the breast quadrant largely?
a)higher n outer
c)interior n medial
and so forth

35)a ladies having ca breast which group pf lypmh nodes is effected?
a)anterior axillay
and so forth

36)a mom introduced her daughter wid vaginal bleeding she is eight yrs previous taller four her age wid effectively develop breast n odr smart regular which coud b the trigger?
and so forth

37)a person wid full burns in icu develop bleeding diathesis which coud b the trigger?
b)an infection
and so forth

38)a ladies introduced 2 ER unconcious wid historical past of postpartum hemorrhage 10 yrs again which of the next is dx?
a)sheehan syndrome
b)low bp
and so forth

39) Essential features of extracellular fluid is?
a)transport electrolytes
b)removing of waste materials
and so forth

40)therapeutic index present
a)drug efficacy

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