Free Book on Algebra, Algebraic Geometry X

Algebra, Summary

  1. Workbook in Higher Algebra by David Surowski
  2. Differential Algebra by Joseph Fels Ritt
  3. Structure and Representations of Jordan Algebras by Nathan Jacobson
  4. A Course in Universal Algebra by Stanley N. Burris, and H.P. Sankappanavar
  5. An Invitation to General Algebra and Universal Constructions by George M. Bergman
  6. Varieties of Lattices by Peter Jipsen, and Henry Rose
  7. Lectures on Matrices by Joseph Henry Maclagen Wedderburn
  8. Elementary Abstract Algebra by Edwin Clark
  9. Intro to Abstract Algebra by Paul Garrett
  10. Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra by Edwin H. Connell
  11. Abstract Algebra:The Basic Graduate Year by Robert Ash
  12. A Course In Commutative Algebra by Robert Ash
  13. Notes for geometric group theory course by John R. Stallings
  14. Advanced Linear Algebra lecture notes (with real algorithm for the real Jordan form) by Keith Matthews
  15. Commutative algebra by Ivan Fesenko
  16. Abstract Algebra – Number Theory, Group Theory, Galois Theory by Daviidd Wilkins
  17. Abstract group theory by Chuck Miller
  18. The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups by Daniel Gorenstein, Richard Lyons, and Ronald Solomon
  19. Group Characters, Symmetric Functions, and the Hecke Algebra by David M. Goldschmidt
  20. Finite Groups and their Representations by Andrew Baker
  21. Classical Groups by Peter Cameron
  22. Galois theory by Miles Reid
  23. Toeplitz and Circulant Matrices by Robert M. Grey
  24. Homogeneous spaces and equivariant embeddings by Dmitri A. Timashev
  25. Algebra: Abstract and Concrete by Frederick M. Goodman
  26. Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Number theory, Field Theory, Galois Theory by Sudhir R. Ghorpade
  27. Fundamental Problems in Algorithmic Algebra by Chee Yap
  28. Braid groups and Galois theory by Frazer Jarvis
  29. A. N. Whitehead’s Geometric Algebra by Stephen Blake
  30. Commutator Theory for Congruence Modular Varieties by Ralph Freese, and Ralph McKenzie
  31. Constructive Aspects of the Inverse Galois Problem by A. Ledet, and N. Yui, and C. Jensen
  32. Publications and prepublications about braids
  33. Basics of Algebra and Analysis for Computer Science by Jean Gallier
  34. Abstract Algebra with GAP, Authored by By J. G. Rainbolt and J. A. Gallian
  35. Mathematical Methods of Engineering Analysis, by Erhan Çinlar and Robert J. Vanderbei

Algebraic Geometry

  1. Determinantal rings by Winfried Bruns, and Udo Vetter
  2. Algebraic geometry and projective differential geometry by Joseph M. Landsberg
  3. Introduction to Algebraic Geometry by Igor V. Dolgachev
  4. Algebraic Geometry by J.S. Milne
  5. Modular forms by Igor Dolgachev
  6. Complex analytic and algebraic geometry by Jean-Pierre Demailly
  7. Introduction to Algebraic Geometry by Yuriy Drozd
  8. Algebraic Curves by Hendrik L. Lenstra
  9. Algebraic Geometry, Toric Varieties, Galois Theory by David A. Cox
  10. Quasi-projective Moduli for Polarized Manifolds by Eckart Viehweg
  11. Lectures on Vanishing Theorems by Eckart Viehweg, and Hélène Esnault
  12. Introduction to Algebraic Geometry by Ravi Vakil
  13. Resolution of Singularities by János Kollár
  14. Eleven books on geometry, topology, and algebra by Andrew Ranicki

Elliptic Curves

Class Idea

  1. Mixed Motives by Marc Levine
  2. Toposes, Triples and Theories by Michael Barr, and Charles Wells
  3. Abstract and Concrete Categories by J. Adamek, H. Herrlich, and G. Strecker
  4. A Gentle Introduction to Category Theory by Maarten M.Fokkinga
  5. Introduction to The Theory of Categories by David Madore
  6. Higher-Dimensional Categories: an illustrated guide book by Eugenia Cheng, and Aaron Lauda
  7. Higher Operads, Higher Categories by Tom Leinster

Lie Algebras

  1. Algebraic Groups and Discontinuous Subgroups by Armand Borel, and George D. Mostow
  2. Theory of representations etc by Claudio Procesi
  3. Semisimple Lie Algebras and their Representations by Robert N. Cahn
  4. Lie Algebras by Shlomo Sternberg

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