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March 2008 

Observe: Some questions are incomplete are lacking. So please be affected person as we’ll replace after we discover full questionnaire. In case you have full questions please share with us. Thanks.


 1] Which one of many following is COX-II INHIBITOR?
A} Aspirin
B} Ibuprofen
C} Indomethacin
D} Meloxicam
E} Piroxicam

2] Which one of many following vitamin deficiency causes HOMOCYSTENURIA?
A} Vitamin B1
B} Vitamin B2
C} Vitamin B6
D} Vitamin B12
E} Biotin

three] Which one of many following buildings is current at free fringe of LESSER OMENTUM?
A} Bile duct, cystic artery, portal vein
B} Bile duct, hepatic artery, portal vein
C} Hepatic vein, hepatic artery, portal vein

four] A 16 yr previous boy was given CO-TRIMAXAZOLE for fever, after few hours he developed pink coloration urine, probably abnormality is in
A} Glucose-6-Phosphate deficiency
B} Immune hemolysis
C} Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria
D} Malaria
E} Sickle cell illness

5] Thiamine deficiency causes
A} Peripheral Neuropathy
B} Pellagra
C} Chelosis
D} Dermatitis

6] Milk is notoriously poor in
A} Vitamin C
B} Iron
C} Riboflavin
D} Pantothenic acid
E} Vitamin A

7] Dry warmth kills the micro organism by
A} Coagulation of proteins
B} Cell lysis
C} Free radical formation
D} Direct killing
E} Oxidation

eight] Virus injury the cell by
A} Making the pores in cell membrane
B} Forming free radicals
C} Altering the formation of proteins
D} Nuclear injury
E} utilizing vitality for their very own metabolism

9] Which one of many following lipoprotein has highest protein content material?

10] All are associated to PLATELET FUNCTION EXCEPT
A} Capillary resilience check
C} Clot retraction

11] ALLELLE is:
A} Fragmented genes
B} Non-identical genes
C} Structural genes
D} Regulatory gene
E} Autosomal Dominant gene

12] D.I.C is stimulated by:
A} Issue X
B} Issue XII
C} Thromboplastin
D} Issue IX
E} Fibrinogen

13] In parenchymal cells Iron is deposited within the type of
A} Tranferrin
B} Ferritin
C} Heamatin
D} Heamoglobin
E} Lipifuscin

14] a mom is having blood group A+(Ao, DD), father is having blood group B+(Bo, Dd). Which of the next blood group can’t be inherited by their kids?
A} A+
B} B+
C} AB+
D} AB-
E} O+

15] The individual has suffered the harm to spinal twine resulting in HEMISECTION of the twine, the IPSILATERAL signal will likely be
A} Lack of ache
B} Lack of temperature
C} Lack of sensation of contact and vibration
D} Decrease motor neuron paralysis
E} Higher motor neuron paralysis

16] Valve much less vessel is
A} Aorta
B} Pulmonary artery
C} Coronary Sinus
D} Pulmonary Trunk

17] A woman has undergone colostomy is now on the TPN. She is liable to develop:
A} Hyperglycemia
B} Hypocalcaemia
C} Hypophosphatemia
D} Hyperviscosity
E} Hypoglycemia

18] Turner syndrome
B} 45XO
C} 46XY
E} 69XX

19] Concerning Von Willbrand illness
A} Autosomal Dominant
B} Autosomal Recessive
C} Some members of the family have low degree of Issue IX
D} Some members of the family have irregular degree of Issue IX
E} has optimistic household historical past

20] Which of the next situation is said to lymphatics?
A} Angiosarcoma
B} Rhabdomyosarcoma
C} Cystic hygroma

21] The situation during which pulmonary trunk fails to divide resulting in

B} Truncus arteriosus

22] Basal Cell Carcinoma is positioned at
A} Decrease lip
B} Higher lip
C} Tongue
D} Arduous palate
E} Taste bud

23] All are branches of Vagus Nerve besides
A} Auricular Nerve
B} Lacrimal Nerve
C} Recurrent Larengeal Nerve
D} Inner Larengeal Nerve

24] Everlasting Atrophy is brought on by
A} Lack of Innervation
B} Hormonal Deficiency
C} Immobilization
D} Dietary deficiency
E} blockage of arterial provide

25] Which of the next isn’t Carcinogen?
A} Alcohol
B} Benzathracine
C} Cyclophosphamide
D} Benzidine
E} Dimethylsulfate

26] The Preliminary step in APOPTOSIS is
A} Inhibition of P53 genes
B} Activation of BCL-2
C} Activation of Caspases
D} pores shaped by lymphocytes

27] Which of the next is content material of Cavernous Sinus?
A} Oculomotor
B} Trochelear
C} Abducent
D} Trigeminal (V3)

28] Which a part of kidney produces ERYTROPOITEN
A} Macula Densa
B} Peritubular Capillary

29] A affected person with indicators and signs of megaloblasstic anemia. The probably trigger is
A Decreased GIT motility
B} Deficiency of intrinsic issue
C} Malabsorption

30] Stimulation to extend Serum Calcium is
A} Hypo-phosphatemia
B} Paratharmone
C} Decreased ECF

31] Malnutrition causes all the following EXCEPT
A} Pitting Edema.
B} Lack of subcutaneous fats.
C} Failure to thrive.
D} Pores and skin pigmentation
E} Thrombocytopenia

32] Liver biopsy from a affected person reveals a lesion which includes of central assortment of construction much less materials surrounded by epitheliod cells and lymphocytes. One massive cell with a number of nuclei organized near membrane can be seen. The almost certainly change in central space can be:
A} Caseous necrosis
B} Coagulation necrosis
C} Fatty modifications
D} Hydropic modifications
E} Liquefective necrosis

33] A 28 yr fisherman introduced with slowly creating lethargy, straightforward fatigue and palpitations. His food regimen includes of fish and rice solely. Bodily examination: Pallor, Lack of contact sense in each ft and legs Hb: 7.5 gm/dl, Platelet rely: 110 x 10 9/L. Reticulocyte rely: zero.5%. Stool DR: Ova of Intestinal parasite. The almost certainly causative parasite is
A} Ankylostomata Duodenale
B} Ascris Lumbricoidis
C} Diphylobothrium Latum
D} Strangyloids Stercoralis
E} Taenia Saginata

34] A 40 yr previous male after street site visitors accident had obtained large blood transfusion. He’s anticipated to have all EXCEPT
A} Hypocalcaemia
B} Hypokalemia
C} Hypothermia
D} Left shift of Oxyheamoglobin dissociation curve
E} Metabolic acidosis

35] The endothelial molecules ICAM-1 & VCAM-1 are chargeable for
A} Direct endothelial harm
B} Endothelial cell contraction
C} Junctional retraction
D} Leukocyte adhesion
E} Leukocyte margination

36] Consuming uncooked or below cooked meat could cause infestation by
A} Dracunculous Medinensis
B} Echinecoccus Granulosis
C} Liver Fluke
D} Schistosomiasis
E} Tape Worm

37] A pt: has sustained burn that may be very painful with blisters. Therapeutic of this burn will happen from which of the next layers of the pores and skin
A} Basal layer of dermis
B} Keratinized layer
C} Layer of higher dermis
D} Decrease dermis
E} Subcutaneous layer

38] A 40 yr previous male introduced with jaundice and generalized itching. His LFT reveals Direct Billirubin 11 mg/100 ml, SGPT 75U/L, Alkaline Phosphate 2300 IU/L 500IU/L. The almost certainly trigger is
A} Drug induced jaundice
B} Further hepatic Cholestasis
C} Autoimmune Hepatitis
D} Alcoholic Hepatitis
E} Intrahepatic Cholestasis

39] The tissue injury by Ionization Radiation is because of
A} Harm to Golgi our bodies
B} Formation of free radicals
C} Hydropic degeneration
D} Metaplasia of cell
E} Swelling of cells

40] Formation of free radicals trigger by
A} Ionization Radiation

41] Edema of renal origin is almost certainly as a consequence of
Albuminuria & sodium retention
B} Decreased water excretion
C} Hypertension
D} Renal stone
E} Sodium retention by the kidney

42] Enhance in Gentle Chain Immunoglobulins Is the attribute characteristic of
A} Endocrine kind Amyloidosis
B} Hereditary Amyloidosis
C} Localized kind Amyloidosis
D} Reactive Amyloidosis
E} Systemic kind Amyloidosis

43] Chemotaxis is brought on by
A} C5a
B} C5b
C} Lymphokines
D} Leucotriene B3
E} Opsonins

44] Following are the actions of Archidonic acid metabolites in irritation EXCEPT
A} Chemotaxis
B} Elevated vascular permeability
C} Thrombosis
D} Vasoconstriction
E} Vasodilatation

45] A 65 yr previous male pt: introduced with chest ache for final 30 minutes. And has ST section elevation in LEADS V1 to V4. He’s almost certainly to have
A} Anterior infarction
B} Anterolateral infarction
C} Anteroseptal infarction
D} Inferior Infarction
E} True Posterior infarction

46] A feminine at 30 wks of gestation has Hb: 9.zero g/dl with normocytic normochromic image. The blood situation is almost certainly as a consequence of
A} Iron deficiency
B} Decreased bone marrow exercise
C} Folic acid deficiency
D} Elevated placenta measurement
E} Plasma Quantity Enlargement

47] The Sensations of Anterior Triangle of the neck is mediated by means of
A} C1, C2, C3
B} C1, C2, C3, C4
C} C2, C3, C4
D} C2, C3s
E} C1, C2

48] All are options of IRREVERSIBLE cell harm EXCEPT
A} Karyolysis
B} Karyorhexis
C} Autolysis
D} Shrinkage of mitochondria
E} Look of myelin determine

49] A younger athlete has problem in flexion of knee and extension of hip. Which of the next muscle is probably going paralyzed
A} Rectus femoris
B} Sartorius
C} Semitendinosus
D} Vastas lateralis
E} Popliteus

50] Within the Aortic opening I the Diaphragm is constricted, which of the next construction will likely be compressed together with Aorta
A} Azygous vein and Vagus nerve
B} Thoracic duct and Vagus nerve
C} Thoracic duct and Azygos vein
D} Azygos vein and each phrenic nerves
E} Inferior vena cava

51] When the bulbur urethra wil injure, urine will leak into
A} Deep Perineal Pouch
B} Superficial Perineal Pouch
C} Fascia lata
D} Scrotum
E} Ischiorectal fossa

52] The commonest website of fertilization in people is
A} Ovary
B} Uterus
C} Fallopian tube
D} Cervix
E} Peritoneal cavity

53] The preliminary occasion within the switch of RBC to website of irritation
A} Margination
B} Emigration
C} Pavementation
D} Diapedesis
E} Phagocytosis

54] A semiconscious affected person is delivered to the emergency room. He has historical past of taking some unknown drug. NaHCO3 reverses the motion of the drug. Which drug the pt. has probably taken:
A} Phenobarbital
B} Phenothiazine
C} Morphine
D} Diazepam
E} Alcohol

55] Inside 1 hr of the Acute M.I, which of the next enzyme will likely be raised?
C} Alkaline Phosphatase
E} Troponin T

56] Which organelle isn’t current at axon hillock
A} Microtubules
B} microfilaments
C} Mitochondria

57] Which isn’t associated to embolus?
A} Liquid
B} Gasoline
C} Thrombus
D} Amniotic fluid
E} Fats

58] Which of the next muscle compensate for supinator?
A} Biceps Brachi
B} Brachialis
C} Brachioradialis

59] A affected person introduced with anterior wall M.I Artery concerned is


60] Which of the next molecule simply crosses Blood Mind Barrier?
A} CO2
B} H2O

61] Hypervitaminosis A trigger

A} Ataxia
B} Anemia
C} Scaly Dermatitis

62] Hypertrophy signifies
A} Enhance in measurement of cell
B} Enhance in no. of cell
C} Lower in no. of cell
D} Lower in measurement of cell

63] Diabetic affected person utilizing Roziglitazone and metformin. Which investigation for observe up
A} Lipid profile + Renal profile
B} Renal profile + Hepatic profile
C} Renal profile + Hepatic profile + Cardiac
64] If the entire motion of Abduction of arm is misplaced the probably injury is within the Brachial Plexus
A} Higher trunk + Posterior twine
B} Higher trunk + Medial twine
C} Decrease trunk + Posterior twine
D} Decrease trunk + Medial twine

65] Cords of Brachial Plexus are named in keeping with Relation with
A} Axillary artery
B} Subclavian artery

66] Myelination in CNS is finished by
A} Schwann cells
B} Oligodendrocytes
C} Astrocytes
D} Microglia cells

67] Captopril
A} might be given in massive doses in hypertensive disaster

68] Which of the nucleus is NOT associated to Facial Nerve?

A} Fundamental Dorsal Nucleus
B} Nucleus of Tractus Solitarius
C} Nucleus Ambiguas
D} Sensory nucleus

69] Platelets
A} Are shaped from precursor cells within the bone marrow
B} Has no nucleus

70] Main auditory cortex is current in
A} Occipital lobe
B} Superior Temporal Gyrus
C} Frontal lobe
D} Prefrontal lobe

71] Affected person is affected by issue VIII deficiency
A} Genetically Engineered Issue VIII is obtainable

72] Most Frequent explanation for Thyrotoxicosis

A} Graves illness
B} Solitary nodule
C} Poisonous nodular goiter
D} Diffuse goiter

73] Which of the next is concerned in sustaining RESTING MEMBRANE POTENTIAL?
A} Outward Potassium present
B} Outward Sodium present
C} Inward Sodium present
D} Inward Chlorine present
E} Sodium/potassium ATPase Pump

74] Coronary heart sound produced by fast ventricular filling is
A} 1st coronary heart sound
B} 2nd coronary heart sound
C} third coronary heart sound
D} 4th coronary heart sound
E} fifth coronary heart sound

75] A affected person introduced with vertical diplopic, head tilting, and in addition problem coming downstairs the probably nerve broken is
A} Oculomoter nerve
B} Trochlear nerve
C} Trigeminal nerve
D} Optic nerve
E} Abducent nerve

76] Substance has to cross semi permeable membrane in easy diffusion
A} Is just not saturable
B} Require carriers
C} Require vitality

77] Carcinoma prostate drain into
A} Para-aortic nodes
B} Exterior iliac nodes
C} Inner iliac nodes
D} Exterior and inside iliac nodes

78] Pulmonary capillary wedge strain is so
A} Catheter used is wedge formed
B} Is direct measurement of left atrial strain
C} Is direct measurement of Proper atrial strain

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