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**Bodily Examination/Clinicals**A Practical Guide to Clinical MedicineLoyola University Medical Education network – Evaluations the steps of the Bodily examinationUniversity of Washington’s Advanced Physical Diagnosis – Select an organ system after which click on on “demonstration”The …


Stomach Introduction Inspection of the Abdomen Auscultation of the Abdomen Percussion of the Abdomen Palpation of the Abdomen Examination of the Liver Examination of the Spleen Examination of the Kidneys and Aorta Summary courtesy:smso.web
free downoad motorsystem examination videos

free downoad motorsystem examination videos

Introduction Assessment of the Motor System: Upper Extremities Assessment of the Motor System: Lower Extremities Assessment of Coordination Romberg Test; Testing for Pronator Drift Assessment of Reflexes Supine Assessment of Reflexes Further Testing of Reflexes …

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Thorax and Lungs Introduction Assessment of the Chest, Respirations, and the Posterior Thorax Assessment of the Posterior Thorax (continued) Percussion of the Posterior Thorax Review of Breath Sounds Adventitious Breath Sounds Auscultation of the Posterior …

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Introduction Examination of the Neck Vessels Examination of the Heart Review of Heart Sounds Auscultation of the Heart Heart Sounds: S1, S2 Heart Sounds: S3, S4, murmurs Summary courtesy:smso.web
Surgical Exam Videos free download

Surgical Exam Videos free download

Thyroid swelling Cervical spine Peripheral vascular disease Foot & Ankle examination Varicose veins Lumbar spine examination Swelling (mass) Hand & Wrist examination Scrotal swelling Hip examination Inguino-scrotal swelling Knee examination (2) Ulcer Gait Intra-abdominal lump …